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Rowville Primary School’s Beyond Boundaries Adventure Program captures the notion of curiosity and exploration. Our goal as a school is to provide every child with the opportunity to experience the world beyond the classroom as an essential part of their learning and personal and social development.

Learning is more than the acquisition of facts and knowledge. It is also about improving understanding and personal development. Learning experiences outside the classroom provide a vehicle to develop a student’s capacity to learn. They provide a framework for learning that uses the surroundings and communities outside the classroom. This enables students to construct their own learning and live successfully in the world that surrounds them.

Learning experiences outside the classroom are often the most memorable and remain with a student into their adulthood. They enable a student to transfer learning experienced outside the classroom to the classroom and vice versa.

Beyond Boundaries
 PLEASE NOTE: this is not a request for payment.

2020 Beyond Boundaries notices for each year level will be issued to students prior to the program commencing

DET does not provide student accident cover or ambulance cover . Parents/carers can make their own arrangements for cover.

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