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At Rowville Primary School, the performing arts program teaches skills associated with the performing arts disciplines, music, dance and drama. The program is based on VELS and is organised in two creative dimensions; Creating and making and exploring and responding.

At Rowville, skills in the performing arts disciplines are developed through practical application. Students explore the arts elements, principals, skills, techniques and processes through performing, creating and presenting. Through a process of creative exploration involving imagination and experimentation, students work within a social learning environment to explore their experiences, ideas, feelings and understandings. Through this creative process, students develop invaluable social skills and learn to work effectively as a member of a team and individually.

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Through the second dimension, exploring and responding, students learn by reflecting on their own and others performance work. This process encourages students to think in deep, critical and in highly innovative ways and to successfully communicate and express their ideas.

Our performing arts program has a strong focus on performance which has developed links with other schools and the broader school community. Our students engage in a variety of performance opportunities throughout the year. These include; regular performances at school assemblies, local shopping centers, community festivals, the annual Christmas concert and the grade 5- 6 annual school production. These performances provide opportunities for students to gain experience as artists in practical situations, which allow them to develop artistic skills and experience beyond what can be achieved in a classroom environment.



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