Student Leadership Overview

Each year a group of senior students (Years 5 and 6) at Rowville Primary School are elected to a range of leadership positions. These students play a leadership role within the school and through mentoring and participation in a diverse range of activities they are supported to develop the following skills and traits:


Models Behaviours

Initiate Encourage
Organise Delegate Communicate Clearly
Listen Support Make Decisions

These skills and traits are sourced from the Student Leadership Program by Michael Gross



School Captains represent the beliefs and values of Rowville Primary School. They promote the school vision and these values for our community. The role involves leadership, mentoring and the maintenance of an achievable standard to which other students can aspire to. Duties include representing the school at community events, greeting visitors to the school, mentoring junior students and fellow leaders as well as organizing and supporting school events. 



School House Captains and Vice House Captains demonstrate a high level of leadership as well as presenting a high level of team work, motivational and sporting ability. Captains exercise responsibility when representing the school in sporting teams across the district, or at regional and state levels.

House Captains maintain a high level of commitment throughout the year to promote sport events, encourage and motivate teams as well as assist the PE Teacher and school staff in sports related matters.

The Vice House Captains encourage and motivate their House members. They assist the PE Teacher and school staff at all school sport events. Vice Captains lead, motivate and support their House in participation, competitive spirit and sportsmanship.

House and Vice House captains also work as a sporting leadership team to promote participation in sport across the school.



Through Student Parliament students have a voice in our school and the opportunity to make a real difference in our community. Our student parliament consists of 47 students who make up the House of Representatives and the Senate. We have students in Government and Opposition, and when Parliament sits, it is an opportunity for enthusiastic debate.

As members of parliament, students are responsible for;

  • Meeting with their constituents and being a voice for those students in parliament
  • Presenting Bills to parliament that address issues raised by students at Rowville Primary
  • Debating issues that are important to the school community
  • Exemplifying the Rowville School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance and Pride

The Student Parliament is a voice for all students at Rowville Primary School.




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