Student Parliament

Rowville Primary School encourages student leadership and development. Leadership opportunities at the primary school level can reveal the leaders of tomorrow by developing decision-making skills and increasing students’ abilities to shoulder responsibility. One of the ways that students in the Senior School (years 5 and 6) can develop their leadership skills is to be involved in Student Parliamentary. We try to involve our senior school leaders in authentic learning opportunities.

Through Student Parliament students have a voice in our school and the opportunity to make a real difference in our community. Our student parliament consists of 47 students who make up the House of Representatives and the Senate. We have students in Government and Opposition, and when Parliament sits, it is an opportunity for enthusiastic debate.

As members of parliament, students are responsible for;

  • Meeting with their constituents and being a voice for those students in parliament
  • Presenting Bills to parliament that address issues raised by students at Rowville Primary
  • Debating issues that are important to the school community
  • Exemplifying the Rowville School Values of Respect, Responsibility, Perseverance and Pride

The Student Parliament is a voice for all students at Rowville Primary School.

RowvillePS Student Parliament Org Chart

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