Rowville Primary School Curriculum

At Rowville Primary School we organise and deliver our curriculum in a way that enables our students to develop thinking and problem-solving abilities and high levels of self-directed motivation. This not only provides a framework for successful learning in the classroom, but ensures that our students can thrive in a world where change is constant and learning never stops.

Our teachers are highly skilled and develop units of work based on the Victorian Curriculum. We do not use commercial curriculum packages from publishers. Our curriculum is specifically tailored to the skills and interests of our students. In this way we ensure that they are appropriately challenged and given opportunities to apply their learning in different contexts.

Literacy and Numeracy are the gateway for developing in our students the skills to reason, think creatively, analyse data and work collaboratively in the future.

Every day our students participate in blocks of learning in Literacy and Numeracy. This includes a two hour reading and writing workshop and a one hour mathematics workshop. From their very first day at Rowville Primary School students are supported to see themselves as high achievers. They are authors, readers, mathematicians and thinkers.

To be a successful reader a student must be able to both confidently decode and understand a text. At Rowville Primary School the teaching of reading comprehension strategies goes hand-in- hand with teaching decoding skills. Effective comprehension strategies are explicitly taught from the very first day at school. Students are taught both the craft of writing and writing conventions. Mathematics teaching is based on developing key concepts and transferring this knowledge to real life examples.

Creativity, Communication and Collaboration are a vital part of learning and ensure that all students are provided with opportunities to develop the skills required to thrive in the 21st century.

At Rowville Primary School our students are given opportunities to develop creativity, communication and collaboration skills through specialised instruction in Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Physical Education and Italian. Students also have the opportunity to participate in an extensive sporting program and to learn a musical instrument.

Students have the opportunities to develop the attitudes, skills and knowledge to understand and participate in a globally connected world

The “How the World Works Program’ enables students to undertake inquiries that involves content from a range of disciplines- History, Geography, Civics and Citizenship, Economics and Business. The units commence by exposing students to real world problems that foster inquiry and critical thinking. They embody key concepts such as change and its impact on the world. Students engage in an inquiry process where they identify questions and conduct purposeful investigations before communicating, reflecting and acting upon their newly acquired understandings.

In addition to this all students participate in the “garden program” which is led with a horticulturalist and where they learn about the environment and sustainability. Students in years 3-6 participate in the Stephanie Alexander kitchen program where they learn both about nutrition and Italian culture and cooking.

Rowville Primary School prepares students to be intelligent, creative, innovative and compassionate citizens of the future.

We support our students to develop the core STEM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) that are essential for success in the future.

Each week students participate in a specialised STEM program where they collaborate to design and create and evaluate a range of inventions. These projects may complement the “How the World Works” unit of inquiry.

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