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ipads loteItalian is the additional language offered at Rowville Primary. The students are not only learning another language but they also learning about cultural differences associated with the language other than English. They understand that Australian life and culture are influenced by these different ways of life. They learn why there are similarities and differences between languages, and how these are related.

Students begin to understand and use the language within the world of their own experience and imagination, with some topics drawn from other areas of learning, including exchanging simple personal information and opinions, and creating and performing short skits in the language. They start to recognise, read and locate items of information in short texts and to write short  sentences or paragraphs.

Students make logical attempts to find meaning from written and spoken material and begin to use resources such as dictionaries. They learn strategies for retaining language information for later use in new applications and develop an understanding of how parts of the language system work. They approach language learning as a problem solving activity as they consciously consider aspects of grammar.

italian pizza1Activities include learning games after a new section of vocabulary is learnt; guided role-plays; using a range of technology (such as for guided Internet searching, research, exploration or collaboration, and emails); community information gathering; producing brochures, guide books, charts and cartoons, cooking segments as well as more artistic activities.

Activities designed collaboratively with teachers in other learning areas can be extended through translation, cultural adaptation or interpreting, or aspects of the theme or topic can be presented, complemented or extended through the language.  Our Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden program focuses on Italian food and cooking and Italian vocabulary related to food and preparation of recipes.

Students learn to communicate by referring to a range of models and by responding to teacher prompting. They begin to function in open-ended situations, allowing variation and extension of language applications. They learn to speak and write effectively for a range of purposes and audiences, approximating meaning and authentic language use within defined topics. Examples could include writing an email or simple story, and ordering in a café or asking for directions.


Students in years 3-6 at Rowville Primary School have access to Language Perfect to support their Italian Learning. 

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(A username and password is required please see your teacher if you don't know your logon details).

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