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At Rowville Primary School students from Foundation to Year Six learn Italian as a language other than English.

Foundation to Year Two

The Italian program is delivered in lessons from Foundation to Year 2 and students learn the language through games, singing, dancing, speaking, listening and movement. Students are exposed to the language and culture through a variety of authentic resources from Italy (maps, brochures, posters, post cards, images, artefacts) as well as a variety of ICT resources including YouTube videos, songs, voice clips and images.

By learning both English and Italian at the same time, students draw clear links between cross-lingual phonetic and semantic patterns to develop a deep understanding of language

Years Three to Six

The Italian program in years three to six builds on the program that has been delivered in the first four years of school. Italian is delivered simultaneously through the Education Perfect online platform and the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen.

Each Term students cover a range of topics that incorporate both cultural and linguistic elements of the Italian language. Topics include:

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In addition to the study of Italian of language the study of Italian customs and cooking is delivered through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Program. Students learn how to cook Italian recipes from different regions in Italy. Our students gain more than just an ability to communicate in Italian. They also learn the historical and social contexts of the language, which enrichens their cultural intelligence.

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