The Learning Journey at Rowville Primary School

Rowville Primary School provides a nurturing learning environment through agreed whole school instructional and wellbeing practices.  Students at our school are supported at all stages of their learning journey to be caring and responsible people who work and cooperate with others while acquiring vital knowledge and skills.

Junior School (Foundation, Year 1, Year 2)


Building a Strong Foundation in Literacy and Numeracy and a Curiosity for Learning

The junior school fosters the core knowledge, skills and attitudes children need to become lifelong learners.  

There is a strong emphasis on the development of oral language skills. The Italian program is also delivered orally.

Students are supported to learn to read and to develop a lifelong love of reading.

Concrete materials and manipulatives are used to develop their mathematical thinking and understanding. 

We explicitly teach the skills of friendship, and teamwork.

Students celebrate key milestones such as the first 100 days of school. They publish their writing and share their poetry with an audience.  

Students watch what they have planted grow in the garden.

Students investigate concepts about the world in the “How the World Works Program”.

Our junior teachers nurture and guide our youngest students.

 Middle School (Year 3, Year 4)

14. build and use robots 1 

Developing Greater Confidence to be a Problem Solver

In the middle school students develop greater levels of confidence and independence to apply core skills to everyday tasks.

Our students demonstrate their understanding of mathematical concepts through a range of problem solving opportunities in the STEM Centre and the classroom and school.

They read novels of increasing complexity.

Students apply their literacy skills to undertaking research for problems associated with their inquiry into “How the World Works”.

The kitchen garden is used to teach about biodiversity.

Students will undertake their first Beyond Boundaries experience away from home and will participate in the Italian Kitchen Program for the first time.

Students are supported to develop skills in managing the changing complexities of relationships with their peers.   

Technology is woven in to the teaching and learning process with Italian being taught online

and is reinforced through the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen program.

Students have the opportunity to participate in the choir for the school production.

 Senior School (Year 5, Year 6)


Transfer of Knowledge and Skills from One Context to Another

The senior school fosters in students an ability to develop the character skills required to thrive in an ever changing environment.

Students are engaged in analysing issues and applying critical and creative thinking to complex problems.

They are supported to develop persistence and to adapt to physical, social and emotional changes.

They work collaboratively on inquiry and research investigations into “How the World Works”. This involves accessing and evaluating information and applying technology effectively.

They are supported to develop initiative and self-direction in their learning.

Our students learn how to transfer their skills in numeracy to solve real problems.

Students have a repertoire of Italian recipes that they can use to create new recipes.

Students understand how to grow and harvest produce for the Stephanie Alexander kitchen program.

Students write and read for specific and demanding audiences and purposes.

They integrate technology for a real purpose-to research, share and collaborate.

All students participate in a major musical production and in a range of external sporting teams and student leadership projects.



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